1. CCD Rounds: Sharing knowledge and scaling up action to bend the curve on diabetes

Cities Changing Diabetes is pleased to bring you the CCD Rounds: bi-monthly topic-specific live events during 2021 that will provide inspiration for driving public health interventions. The CCD Rounds are a great opportunity to learn about diabetes and obesity prevention through real-world examples of health promotion, activities around childhood obesity and best practice policy initiatives.

Discover how a dynamic and versatile partnership delivers activities and projects co-created with Tingbjerg’s citizens to prevent diabetes. The case is presented by Paul Bloch from Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen. Watch recording here

Tune in on 29 April when Stuart Nelson, Vice President at the Institute for Spirituality and Health, Texas Medical Center, will guide us through an initiative that shows the power of co-creating directly with community stakeholders. Watch the recording here

Tune in on 18 June when Dr Sophie O’Connell, Operational Manager at the Centre for BME Health together with Alisson Tripney, Head of Community at Leicester City in the Community will guide us through an initiative that shows the power of engaging with the community. Watch the recording here

Discover how the health department in Bogota has been working with Gehl, an urban design practice, and the local Cities Changing Diabetes project team to identify the relationship between food behaviours and the urban environment. Learn about the foodscape concept, an environment comprised of food places, public spaces and public life that defines the food experience of neighbourhoods and communities. Get inspiration on how the combination of high quality public spaces and nutritious and accessible food offerings can create the right conditions for healthier food behaviours.

Tune in on 30 August when Sophia Schuff, Project Manager from Gehl and Dr. Sara Valencia, Director of the District Education and Health Research Center in Bogota will take us through an initiative that shows the power of community foodscapes research. Sign up and join the event here https://www.linkedin.com/events/ccdrounds-cityhealththroughthel6815605125013360640/