In the spirit of the day, an event will be broadcasted focusing on how the city plans to be part of the solution to tackle the challenges of diabetes. The event will feature a talk show type of event hosted by a locally renowned journalist Silvia Corzo, who will present this important milestone on the ground from different locations in Bogotá relevant to Cities Changing Diabetes. 

Furnicular to Monserrat in Bogota with skyscrapers in the backgr

This will be followed by interviews with the main partners including the local Secretary of Health in Bogotá, two of the city’s most prominent Medical faculties Rosario and Nacional, the local Ambassador of Denmark, and local Novo Nordisk affiliate General Manager. If you want to follow this live, it will be broadcasted at 3pm local time, 21:00 CET on the local SoMe channels (Instagram: @hablemosde.diabetes  Facebook: @hablemosdediabetes)

Work is already well under way in the city. A project on local Foodscapes in partnership with GEHL is in its initial phase, planning how to collect and analyse data, and design solution proposals focusing on increasing access to healthy foods in selected food deserts in the city. 

A coalition of local research institutions have also been formed to initiate research to map out the burden linked to chronic metabolic diseases. This happens in collaboration with Universidad del Rosario and Universidad Nacional and the Secretary of Health in Bogotá.   

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that the local Novo Nordisk team in Colombia is also helping coordinate the efforts on early prevention of obesity among children as part of our UNICEF partnership. 

Please join us tomorrow on Twitter - @CitiesDiabetes – to welcome Bogotá to our global network!