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Jun 08 2022

Autism and continence

This course will focus on the common toileting difficulties in autistic children.

About the training

The course aims to explore why autistic children may find learning to use the toilet difficult, as well as more specific continence issues. The session will focus on the need for detailed preparation, examining other autism-related behaviour, such as only using certain toilets, smearing and response to sensory differences.

The course has been written by Dr Eve Fleming, Community Paediatrician and Lorraine MacAlister, a National Autistic Society Autism Training Consultant. Eve and Lorraine have both published articles in Nursing Times about autism and are authors of the book Toilet Training and the Autism Spectrum: A Guide for Professionals.

This course is aimed at those working with autistic children who are experiencing difficulties with any aspect of toileting across a variety of settings. It is particularly relevant for continence advisers, nursing teams and school-based staff or advisers.

Training times

This training runs over two days from 9.30-11.00am and 11.30-1.00pm.

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Date and time?

08 June 2022

Live online over 2 days